Selling? It’s time to get impersonal!

Levi Stubbs
Levi Stubbs
Published on November 12, 2019

Selling a home and moving can be
challenging undertakings, and there are times when we have no other choice. A
new job, downsizing, or the addition of a new family member can all mean it’s
time for a change. No matter the reason for your move, you might be pulling
your hair out wondering where to start. Basically, the answer is to take your
personality out of your home, and stage it in a manner that house hunters will
envision living there.

Starting Smart

A little research can go a long way when
it comes to preparing your home to hit the market. Before you go too far, do
some research into other listings, learning about how sellers are presenting
their homes, what seems to appeal to buyers in your area, and what houses are
getting passed over time and again. This is a good reason to visit area open houses, since you can see
first-hand how things are going.

During your research, pay special
attention to homes in the same price range as yours. Start with an estimate of what your home might sell for, and
then explore online listings of similar properties. As a starting point, for
instance, average homes in the Tampa area sold for $246k last month. Once you have a good feel
for the area market, take your ideas and put them to work in your own home.

Cut Out Clutter

One big step all homeowners must take is
to declutter the whole house. By decluttering the
space, you reframe the atmosphere so house hunters can picture their own things
in the home. Remove your personal items, like trendy artwork and strong
decorating themes, and stash them away, ideally not in your home.

You might think the hiding places for
your stuff are sufficient, but home buyers will be examining closets, attics
and basements, so if you fill them to the brim, it looks like your home lacks
space. Instead, consider having a friend or family member house your things
temporarily, or rent a storage unit nearby. Boxing a lot of your
belongings up will save some work for later anyway.


A dirty home won’t get any
bids, so as Bed, Bath & Beyond explains, it’s important for you to clean every inch of your home.
People will even look in the appliances that will come with the house, so
ensure they are immaculate. Spruce up other issues as well. Patch nail holes,
remove carpet dents with ice cubes and a spoon,
and organize everything that isn’t heading to storage.

Set the Stage

With extras out of the way and the whole
place cleaned from top to bottom, it’s time to stage your home for listing
photos, showings, and open house events. Start with addressing any bold color
schemes and toning things down. As The Spruce points out, a neutral palette makes the home feel sophisticated, and
the flexibility it offers is easy for buyers to work with.

Then play around with furniture arrangements, pulling pieces away from the
walls and setting them up for logical traffic patterns. The last thing you want
buyers to think is that they can’t get from point A to point B comfortably.

Top things off with a few simple display
items, like a wreath for your front door, some fresh flowers on a nightstand,
and a bowl of fruit in the kitchen. A few classic, welcoming touches will help
house hunters feel right at home.

New Adventures

While selling and moving are big adventures, with a little patience and planning you can start the next chapter of your life without any headaches or worries. Examine the local listings, declutter and clean, then stage your home well. This adventure will soon be behind you, and you’ll be adding your personal touch to the new abode.

Blog Post Courtesy of: Alice Robertson <[email protected]>

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